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Pink Eye: Causes and Treatments

You wake up in the morning, and you or your child has an eyelid that is crusted together and is painful to try and open, if not impossible. Or, you wake up and your eyes are painful, watery, and sensitive to light. Both of these scenarios are a common occurrence with pink eye. Younger children are often more susceptible, pink eye is easy to pass from person to person, which makes schools a good setting for this eye emergency to thrive. Anyone can be affected by pink eye, not just children. Come into TSO Cypress and have your eyes checked by your local Cypress optometrist for the pain associated with pink eye right away.

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What is Pink Eye?

What is Pink Eye?

Is Pink Eye An Emergency?

Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye or an eye infection, is a common eye emergency, that in almost all cases is easily treated by an optometrist. As mentioned, pink eye can affect anyone, but younger children are most at risk due to the highly contagious nature of the infection. Proper handwashing techniques can reduce the transfer of the infection. There are 3 types of pink eye: bacterial, viral, and other. The treatment usually involves coming in to TSO Cypress to see your Cypress, Texas optometrist as a first recourse, in order to determine what further treatment is appropriate.

Common symptoms of Pink Eye include:
  • Crusty or gritty feeling as if you have sand in your eye
  • Itchy or burning feeling in one or both eyes
  • Fluid discharge from one or both eyes
  • Swollen or puffy eyelids
  • Pink discoloration of the whites (sclera) of one or both eyes
  • Increased sensitivity to light or difficulty with night driving
  • Uncontrollable tearing
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What You Should Do If You Have An Eye Infection

Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Bacterial pink eye consists of a green or yellow discharge that causes sticky residue to build up. This residue causes the eyelids to stick together, usually during the night. Bacterial pink eye is contagious and will need antibiotic ointment or antibiotic drops to clear up the infection. Using a wet washcloth to wipe away the residue will help some with the residual symptoms. Do not share the washcloth with anyone in order to prevent the spreading of pink eye. Wash hands thoroughly when you touch an infected eye.

Viral Conjunctivitis

Viral pink eye is different from bacterial pink eye. This type does not require antibiotics, but be sure to visit TSO Cypress to see an eye doctor if you are unsure if the symptoms are from bacterial or viral. Viral pink eye symptoms include watery, itchy eyes and sensitivity to light. This form of pink eye is also contagious, so take care to wash your hands thoroughly in order to prevent spreading. It will go away without treatment, but using a warm, wet washcloth to gently wipe the eye helps with the symptoms. Again, do not share the washcloth.

Other Conjunctivitis

The last form of pink eye is noticed because of the watery, burning, itchy eyes and usually goes along with a runny, stuffy nose. Both of the eyes will be affected, and this form is not contagious. Allergy medication being taken regularly can help alleviate the symptoms of this form of pink eye. In more severe cases your optometrist may recommend nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, antihistamines,  topical steroid eye drops.

Anyone can be affected by pink eye, and it is commonly spread from touching an infected eye and not washing your hands after. The infection and pain associated with pink eye should be checked right away by an eye care professional. When you have an eye emergency, such as pink eye, please walk-in to TSO Cypress to be checked by your local Cypress optometrist.

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Questions And Answers

Questions And Answers

What is the most important thing to do if I have an eye emergency?

The most important thing is to not panic. Most eye emergencies are treated successfully by our optometrist. If you are concerned please call our office, if it is after hours please use your judgment regarding visiting an emergency room or urgent care facility. 

Is pink eye/eye infection dangerous?

In almost all cases eye infections will clear up in time, however, it is always a good idea to schedule an eye exam in order to ensure that the infection clears up quickly and reduces the chances of complications. 

Do i need to see an optometrist for pink eye?

One of the most common questions we get about pink eye is, "when do I need to visit an optometrist for an eye infection?"

Our optometrists recommend scheduling for all cases of pink eye in order to reduce spreading the infection, reduce symptoms and discomfort, and prevent or rule out other issues.

Will an eye infection clear up on its own?

Viral eye infections should go away in 2-14 days unless there are other complications. 

Bacterial eye infections can last for longer than a month even with antibiotic treatment, however, once antibiotics have been started the patient will no longer be contagious in 24 hours. 

Infections caused by allergies will go away once the cause of the allergy is removed or once treatment has been started. 

If you are concerned about your infection not going away, give our optometrists a call.  

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