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Pediatric Eye Care

eye exam for children in Cypress TexasAt TSO Cypress pediatric eye care is our specialty. The optometrists at our Texas State Optical branch in Cypress, TX are warm and patient with patients. As a mother herself, the eye doctor, Dr. Nguyen, knows how to keep kids engaged. Pediatric eye exams are specifically tailored with the young one in mind, including several eye tests that are both fun and objective, so we can diagnose eye conditions, eye diseases, and provide prescriptions for eyewear for children who are too shy or immature to read letters or answer questions.

Our doctors assistants and staff are great with children. They enjoy working with people of all ages. Our opticians are also trained to fit eyeglasses for all sizes, and we carry eyeglasses for children too. Contact lenses for teens, tweens, and even children are becoming more popular, especially for athletic kids.

The State of Texas requires regular eye exams for children in school. Yearly check-ups enable you to nip eye problems in the bud, which is so important. Many eye conditions go unnoticed or are misdiagnosed as something else. Yet, so much of what is taught in the classroom is presented visually, and a child with an undetected eye problem is at a disadvantage.

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The eye doctor and staff are looking forward to meeting you and your child at your TSO Cypress eye exam.

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